About Advantage OT

Founded in 1999, Advantage OT is an independent practice of Occupational Therapists specializing in the prevention, evaluation and treatment of injury and cumulative trauma disorders.
By setting the standard of practice in Occupational Health Services, Advantage OT strives to ensure optimal outcomes for the resolution of workers’ compensation and auto insurance claims.

The Occupational Therapists at Advantage OT are experts in the restoration of function, with a specific focus on the abilities and skills essential for independent living and return-to-work after a debilitating injury.

Equipped with an academic study of human function, with an emphasis on rehabilitation of the physical and emotional effects of injury and illness, Occupational Therapists are acknowledged as the primary providers of these specialized services. Advantage OT therapists work closely with our partners to facilitate case resolution while providing the highest level of care.

What makes Advantage OT different from traditional therapy programs?


At Advantage OT, we utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment and techniques to evaluate each individual’s functional capacities to perform generic or specific job tasks. Attention and skill are equally applied when evaluating an individual’s abilities with self-care and independent living in the home environment.


Based on the objective results of functional capacity baseline testing, our Occupational Therapists’ customize a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for each individual. This is paired with a work-simulation training circuit specific to the individual’s needs and return-to-work demands. Advantage OT’s WorkForce Ready programs address all facets of the recovery of function and return-to-work rehabilitation. This includes the physical, psychosocial and emotional components of returning to work after an injury.


The Occupational Therapy experts at Advantage OT objectively measure and analyze the physical demands of any job. This data is utilized to develop a plan of care, pre-employment testing and injury prevention programs. When combined with ergonomic worksite assessments and job coaching, these measures can help prevent or mitigate worksite injuries and workers’ compensation claims.


The importance and understanding of accuracy and follow-up, with all involved parties throughout the claims resolution process, is an important component of our practice. Advantage OT has been recognized by the industry as “second-to-none” for professional, objective case documentation and communication.