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Cost optimization starts with faster case resolution & successful return to work.

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Fast Claims Resolution & Return-to-Work

A Win-Win for Employers and Workers

When an employee is injured, whether at work or in an accident, Advantage OT acts as a neutral, objective contractor, working with physicians, case managers, insurance adjusters and employers to resolve issues quickly, and navigate around barriers to resolution and successful return-to-work.
Setting the standard of practice in Occupational Health Services, Advantage OT ensures optimal outcomes for the resolution of workers’ compensation claims using proven methods to ensure a safe and successful return-to-work with continued success for the worker in the workplace.
Helping workers make the transition from rehabilitation services to the workplace is a crucial part of our process and involves much more than physical therapy. Occupational therapists have an educational background in human function, with an emphasis on the physical and psychological effects of injury. An OT is able to address all aspects of transition — physical, social and emotional.
PROVEN. FOCUSED. AGGRESSIVE. When it comes to outcomes and claims resolution, our WorkForce Ready programs deliver. With aggressive programs, proven work simulation clinics and focused, supervised coaching, Advantage OT has a 92 percent return-to-work rate.