WorkForce Ready

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

A proactive step to assess new hire’s physical abilities critical to job performance

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POET is a proactive approach to reduce the occurrence and expense of workplace injuries through worker assessment using objective, consistent, and job-specific physical demand testing. Performed after a job offer has been made, this standardized baseline physical assessment helps ensure that prospective employees meet the physical requirements necessary for the job before the actual hire date.
For over a decade, Advantage OT has provided POET services to many industries, including: car hauling, fuel trucking, EMS, and the steel industry. Advantage OT provides the necessary expertise to design and implement a reputable program that can be replicated across multiple evaluation sites in Southeast Michigan.

Program Features

  • Functional job demand analysis to develop custom POET
  • Validate the physical abilities of the candidate to perform the functional demands of the job
  • Reduce exposure and limit liability
  • Prevent on-the-job injuries
  • Decrease future workers’ compensation costs
  • Ensure quality services and a safe and healthy workforce