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Advantage OT Worksite Programs

Preventing workplace injury is good business, and Advantage OT is a great partner.

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Advantage OT offers a range of worksite programs designed to partner with employers and workers to reduce ergonomic risk factors, prevent injuries, mitigating workers compensation claims and even a company’s bottom line.
Bringing an Occupational Therapist to the workplace can significantly improve job performance and safety, as well as productivity and employee satisfaction. Employers and workers alike welcome these job-site programs.

Job Task Analysis Program

Also known as Job Demand or Physical Demands Analysis, the WorkForce Ready Job Analysis Program takes place at the job site to conduct an objective physical demands assessment of any job, often analyzing multiple tasks at a single site. Therapists provide full reporting, with detailed documentation and recommendations. Supporting documentation can serve as basis for injury rehabilitation goals, functional capacity testing, medical evaluations, vocational placement, or pre-employment testing.

Job Coaching Program

The WorkForce Ready Job Coaching Program pairs Advantage OT therapists directly with the employee, as well as supervisors, management, safety personnel, union, and human resources to ensure a safe and successful return-to-work for the injured worker. Job coaching services can also be utilized as an injury-prevention tool to maintain a safe and healthy workforce. The Advantage OT job coach can assess the job demands and assure compliance with work restrictions, while providing diagnosis-specific or general education regarding biomechanics, safe work practices, ergonomics, symptom management techniques, and work wellness.

Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation Program

The WorkForce Ready Worksite Evaluation Program is a comprehensive assessment of the work station and job tasks to identify ergonomic risk factors. Recommendations to facilitate revisions of the worksite or job performance techniques can be diagnosis-specific to facilitate return to work, or to prevent workplace injuries and conditions. Low cost solutions at the worksite can often result in reduced lost days and injuries, while boosting worker productivity and wellness.

Injury Prevention Seminars

Preventing Injury is everybody’s job, and an Injury Prevention Seminar is an effective way to instill safe practices in the workplace. When staging an Injury Prevention Seminar, Advantage OT experts develop custom on-site educational programs geared toward the labor force as well as all levels of management, supervision and human resource staff. These programs educate workers on body mechanics, physical conditioning, flexibility and work wellness as it relates to injury prevention and optimum job performance. Paired with an Ergonomic Assessment or Physical Demand Analysis, industry or job-specific training can be designed specifically for the patient.