Functional Capacity Evaluations

June 2, 2023

“A systematic method of measuring an individual’s ability to perform meaningful tasks on a safe and dependable basis”

Matheson, L. (2003). The functional capacity evaluation. In G. Andersson & S. Demeter & G. Smith (Eds.), Disability Evaluation. 2nd Edition. Chicago, IL: Mosby Yearbook.

In general, the purpose of a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is to collect information about the functional abilities and limitations of a person with injury or other medical impairment. An objective FCE is designed to provide valuable information to physicians, employers, insurance companies and case managers, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings for medical expenses and indemnity.

Individual assessments should take approximately four hours and focus on various parameters, including strength, range of motion, dynamic balance, functional mobility (walk, run, climb), gross/fine motor coordination, material handling (lifting, carrying), and positional tolerances (standing, bending, squatting, reaching).

Our expert OT insight goes beyond basic data points and provides valuable objective documentation, resulting in shorter claim resolution timelines and significant cost savings. Our Functional Testing Labs feature industry-leading assessment tech, combined with extensive clinical experience. The Advantage OT Functional Capacity Evaluation provides injury-specific objective measures of a person’s current safe maximum work capacities, while simultaneously determining level of effort.

The result of published research and years of development, the BTE EvalTech is used by Advantage OT to:

  • perform standard or custom Functional Capacity Evaluations; determine baseline for our work hardening program
  • validate need for further rehabilitation; establish an objective basis for restrictions
  • and provide the most peer-reviewed and legally defensible evaluations and reports.

With over 20 years in the occupational health industry and over 4,000 FCEs performed, Advantage OT has established itself as a regional leader in return-to-work resolution.